Impact on Sundarban Tourism after Covid 19


Impact on Sundarban Tourism after Covid 19

Yes, it is a fact that the travelling industries or the tourism industries have faced a huge downfall after the Covid19 situation. However, this period will get over soon and people will tend to go out and travel once again. In such a condition what should be the normal and how should people actually start travelling is a big question.

However, Sundarban is very much aware of this situation from beforehand. It has taken many necessary steps and pushed every limit to maintain the hygiene and sanity of their tourists. So not much impact will fall upon Sundarban tourism. Still few changes will obviously be there. Though there is no official notice about it, but as per it can be though, it would be this:

  1. Not many tourists will be accommodated at one time.
  2. Sundarban travel would be fun but will be with rules.
  3. The tourists those who are coming for Sundarban tour will have to follow certain hygiene.
  4. Social distancing will be a priority.
  5. No more littering or spitting around.

So these are the main impacts on Sundarban tourism that might be followed with strict guidelines after the covid 19 period is over. Due to these guidelines people those who are coming or thinking of coming to Sundarban can be more relaxed about their safety and travel to Sundarban. This is the beauty and accuracy of Sundarban.

Even the government of West Bengal is very much aware of Sundarban’s safety and security. They also have taken different steps from their part to make Sundarban a safer and hygienic place to travel.

Travel to Sundarban without fear:

Yes, you can now travel to Sundarban without any fear or worries. Your trip will be amazing and protective and you do not need to worry about it at all. So be happy and travel to Sundarban easily.