The Highlights of Sundarban West Bengal


The Highlights of Sundarban West Bengal

We all know Sundarban is a beautiful and every beautiful place has something or the other as its highlight. It has some amazing things that it can show to everyone. So as Sundarban. Sundarban also has some amazing stuffs that it can show to everyone and amaze all. So, before you know about Sundarban in details know about it in a surface manner. Sundarban is a delta that is protected by the UNESCO so here it becomes a world heritage. Sundarban is in West Bengal and it is the pride of Bengal.

The most important Sundarban spot are to be discussed today. So, get ready for some fun.

  1. Amazing Seven Wonders of Nature: You find in Sundarban the seven wonders of nature. This is amazing to see and feel. Everyone those who go to Sundarban feel it anyway.        
  2. The Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower: Sundarban is a place where different wild animals are spotted. So these watch towers are made so that people can see them in real from a safer height, especially tigers.
  3. National Park of Sundarban: National Park of Sundarban is a pride of Bengal. It is the best place that attracts many tourists and gives the real feel and happiness of visiting a National Park.
  4. Sundarban Wildlife: The wildlife of Sundarban is an amazing thing to view and enjoy. It has some amazing birds, animals and reptiles. Anyone who is visiting Sundarban for the first time gets amazed to see Sundarban like this.
  5. Sajnekhali Watch Tower: This is also a watchtower, but this is not for seeing only the animals. This is for watching the amazing different species of birds in Sundarban. People those who like Sundarban come to see it in a new form and nature.

Come to Sundarban now:

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