3 Summer Tour Tips to Sundarban


3 Summer Tour Tips to Sundarban

WHAT IS Sundarban All about?

Sundarban is all about Forests, Rivers, Boat Rides, Wild Animals, Migrating Birds, Amazing sunsets, folk dance, adventure, The Royal Bengal Tiger and last but not the least, Great and Superb Bengali Food.

It is an all round package. You get everything. You do not miss out on anything. Therefore, Sundarban tour booking during this summer is necessary and unavoidable.

It’s time go for a nice summer vacation with your friends and family to Sundarban.

What all you must follow while in Sundarban?

Though Sundarban is a touring destination, it is not aloof from rules. It has its own rules that you cannot tend to avoid. It is a place with lot of wild animals so you will have to go or abide by the laws.

The laws say:

  • Follow the Guide
  • Never go out alone, stay with the group.
  • Do not create unnecessary fuss.
  • Be steady and strong.

Are there some Tips to Enjoy Sundarban more?

To enjoy Sundarban tour West Bengal tourism in the most vibrant manner you will surely get guided by three Golden tips.

  1. Never ever misbehave with the wild animals. They will destroy you. Be calm and good towards them.
  2. Summer is a good time to visit Sundarban but be summer ready, take hats, sunglass, and sunscreen.
  3.  It is always advantageous to stay in a houseboat while in Sundarban.

Did you like the Tips?

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