A Smooth Trip to Sundarban during Covid-19


A Smooth Trip to Sundarban during Covid-19

Covid 19 maybe very dangerous, very infectious, but the worst part of covid19 is staying locked down in our own houses. Yes, it’s good that we are spending time with our family and having fun with them. Too much of nothing is good. So as the extreme lockdown and holiday period is also not good. People have started getting depressed and frustrated. Life has rather shattered and people are badly in need of a relaxation and moving out.

West Bengal Government has been very kind and understanding in this matter and therefore, it has allowed the tourism to start. However, there is no need to think that proper hygiene and sanitization won’t be maintained. Sundarban is aware about this hygiene and therefore it will properly take care of everything. So get your Sundarban tour booking done now and enjoy a relaxing and smooth holiday there.

Sundarban is an amazing land and here you will feel one with the nature. So that you can come to Sundarban smoothly, we have arranged everything for you. What you need to do is:

  1. Book a proper Travel Agent:

You must always book a proper travel agent. A travel agent who understand your problems and arrange a safe journey for you. Without this you can’t travel happy.

  1. Ask them about all safety measures:

Look safety measures are very important. You must arrange everything with the Sundarban tourism department keeping in mind the safety measures.

  1. More than dresses pack sanitizers:

Packing the sanitizers and the masks is very important rather than the dresses. You must pack everything for your safety.

  1. Follow the Rules:

Maintain and follow all the rules so that you do not face any problem. Maintain distance and travel in less numbers.

  1. Travel and stay happy:

Now when everything is set then now go travel and feel safe. Worry no more rather happy to be safe and being at a nice place.


Have a nice Journey:

Sundarban Bengal Tourism Package Tour from Kolkata is a nice and safe way to travel to Sundarban and spend some relaxing time with family now.