Amphan and Sundarban Tour– After Effect


Amphan and Sundarban Tour– After Effect

Amphan the most dangerous and path breaking cyclone that has occurred after many, many decades. Our grand fathers have not experienced this type of cyclone too. According to NASA, this cyclone was equal to five Hurricanes. West Bengal is devastated by this cyclone. Homes are lost, life is lost, and people are without food, no electricity and nothing. Everything is just like in after war situation.

So, in such a condition what effect does Sundarban tour have? Yes, it is a fact that Sundarban tourism will get a big setback for this reason, but soon this condition will go and Sundarban tourism will restore back to its normal or better form.

Why so?

Let’s know it now.

1. Sundarban is a delta:

Yes, Sundarban is a Delta and it is always surrounded by water. Therefore, Sundarban is prone to some or the other hazards due to this storm and water bodies. This delta has gone through these kinds of hazards in the past also.

2. Sundarban has overcome these storms before:

Sundarban has faced Aila and many other storms before. It has been destroyed and soon rebuilt. All thanks to the government and the other people working in restoring this, beautiful and natural place so fast.

3. Sundarban is a green land:

Sundarban is mostly covered with trees and forests. Therefore, there is not much commercial buildings or monuments those if get damaged are hard to restore. In such a case, Mother Nature comes to act and heals itself on its own.

4. There is nothing much to restore its all natural:

Yes, it’s a fact that there is nothing much to restore in Sundarban and it is all natural. Sundarban is a natural land and it is specially covered with forests. No much commercial setups. Therefore, it gets restores naturally.

5. People love Sundarban:

Yes, People love Sundarban and they will visit it no matter what. So, we all know Sundarban is now destroyed but it will recover itself soon and then people will visit it again with lots of love and care.

Points to Ponder on:

  • Right now Sundarban is going through a bad phase, do pray for it.
  • Plan to visit Sundarban as soon as possible.
  • Sundarban is always beautiful.
  • It is not a costly place
  • Your kids will love it.

You must:

When you plan to come to Sundarban do consider taking one of the most satisfactory and best Sundarban tour package that you can afford. Many people do not take Sundarban tour package, this is not right. You must take the tour with the package help.