Awareness about Royal Bengal Tiger


Awareness about Royal Bengal Tiger

“Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

Will not let you fade out of sight, that is

My promise and for you we will fight.” – Anonymous

Animal safety is what we talk about a lot. But how many of you can spontaneously say that you actually take care of them? Ok! if taking care is a very big thing, how many of you can actually say that you don’t harm them?

We humans are very insensitive we only try to understand our self and do not like to bother about the animals around us. Just because they have no voice to say their own problem, we think we can do anything with them. This is ridiculous and horrifying fact. Just before you want to call yourself human, try becoming one.

Royal Bengal Tigers for which today Sundarban tour West Bengal Tourism is so famous were at the verge of getting extinct. We the humans were so insensitive that we instead of taking care of them were killing them because of various reasons. We didn’t even care whether they were hurt or they were pained. For our stupidity, those tigers would have been only in photos and history.

UNESCO came as a savior and took charge of saving these tigers. They found out the reasons of them getting extinct and then started to give them protection. Today they feel safe in Sundarban and they are again growing in number.

So, those of us who come to Sundarban for watching these magnificent beasts need to know that they also need their due respect and love.

  1. Get Sundarban tour booking and come with a heart of love to Sundarban . You will be very happy to enjoy with the tigers.
  2. There are many Sundarban tourists places, But you need not travel all for watching tigers. Only one thing when you see tigers do not disturb them just be a loving watcher.
  3. Animals only need care and nothing else. This is what they deserve and this is what should be given to them.

Be a bit more aware and loving:

Being a bit more aware and loving won’t harm you rather make you a better human being whom the world will praise.