Birds and a Tour Dedicated to Birds in Sundarban


Birds and a Tour Dedicated to Birds in Sundarban

People like to travel to Sundarban for so many reasons. Some like to travel to Sundarban to see a real Royal Bengal Tiger, some travel to see the National Park, Some travel to be amidst nature and some travel to watch the birds. The best part about Sundarban tourism is that, it fulfills all of your demands and needs.

Your motive to travel to Sundarban can be any of these. Or maybe all of these, but Sundarban is what you can’t deny. It is a beautiful place and can enhance your mood in whatever condition it may be. Today in this article, we are going to talk about one particular travel reason that is Sundarban bird watching tour.

For those who do not know, Sundarban is a place that has a huge amount of birds in it and it is actually a home for all these regional as well as migrating birds. Among thousands today, we shall mention some of these birds here.


  1. Small Minivet
  2.  Black- hooded Oriole
  3. Mangrove whistler
  4. Cinnamon Bittern
  5. Swamp francolin


This article will become too long if I mention all the birds name. So, I mentioned some of my favorite birds here.


If you are ready to go for a bird watching tour, then you can surely take up the best Sundarban tour packages and get out seeing some of your amazing birds. You will not only love them but you will get learn so many things from them. This will only add on to your knowledge.

Don’t think about the safety. The Sundarban tourism is taking care of the safety of all it’s travelers.

Happy bird watching:

Lastly, I can just wish you a happy bird watching and do not forget to photograph them. They will be a pleasure for life. Book a tour as soon as possible. You will absolutely love it.