Ethnicity of Bengal's Pithe Puli in Sundarban


Ethnicity of Bengal's Pithe Puli in Sundarban

What can be more important to a Bengali other than food? Yes, throughout the world everyone knows Bengalis love to eat especially sweets. Sundarban is a place that joins two parts of bangla that is West Bengal and Bangladesh. So, different varieties of sweets from these two parts of Bengal are available in Sundarban.Therefore, during this winter time,  people from far and wide come to Sundarban and want to taste those amazing pitha pulis. If your mouth is also watering, then get the Sundarban tour booking done now.

Sundarban is a very beautiful and amazing place with different new things happening every day. Here you can experience the pure culture of Bengal and the food is especially very authentic. So, if you also want to experience both the Bengal at one time then come to Sundarban.

Why are these Pitha Puli’s so famous?

1. Authentic Bengal taste:

Bengal has a very pure and authentic taste and this taste is felt and enjoyed here. If you come to Sundarban during winters then you should never miss this taste. You will love it.

2. Made from fresh and new rice:

During the winters the fresh and new rice are grown. With this rice the pitha pulis are prepared. They taste so good that without being tasting them you should never leave Sundarban.

3. A recipe of the grandmothers:

Our grandmothers are the one those who have tried and tasted a lot of formulas and invented some great new formulas. These sweets here are some of those examples.

4. Takes you back to the roots:

If you are a Bengali and you taste these pitha pulis here you will soon be taken a back to your roots. You feel that call of Bengal. It’s amazing.

Don’t miss but experience:

Book a Sundarban tour 2 night 3 days and enjoy these amazing Pitha pulis. You will see how they stir your taste buds and how you love to eat them.