How Much the Sundarban Hilsa Festival Possible in 2020 during Covid-19


How Much the Sundarban Hilsa Festival Possible in 2020 during Covid-19

Sundarban Hilsa festival is something many people look forward to. People from all around the world come to Sundarban during this time to attend this amazing and fantastic festival. Those of you do not know about Sundarban Hilsa festival,  for them let me tell that it is celebrating an excess production of a very tasty and healthy fish. People of Bengal call it Ilish and they are the expert cook of this fish. That is why this festival is celebrated here where this fish is cooked in many different manners and ways. People enjoy these dishes here and celebrate it. There they also enjoy different folk music, cultural programs and what not.

It is a huge celebration in Sundarban during this time. However this year due to Covid-19 how much or to what extend this festival is possible no one knows. But Sundarban tour package are provided by different travel agencies now. Some people can come to Sundarban this time but not a huge group. Though this year may be the festival won’t be celebrated as it used to be celebrated every year but still you can have the Hilsa fish.

If you are planning to be at Sundarban during this time then you must remember that

  • Mask
  • Social distancing
  • Sanitization
  • Cleanliness is very important.


What people Ask?

     Q. Will they get to eat Hilsa if they visit Sundarban now?

     A: Yes, why not but remember it is covid 19 period so take all kind of protections.

     Q. Is Sundarban taking it’s protections?

     A: Yes, all kind of protections are been taken so that people can safely stay and travel in Sundarban.

     Q. Can they visit this August?

     A: Yes, they can visit this August and enjoy too.

Come to Sundarban:

You can come to Sundarban it is a safe place and you will surely like it. However, still keep all your safety gears close to yourself.