Is Sundarban Safe for Girls?


Is Sundarban Safe for Girls?

India is a proud land of “Unity in Diversity”. India is not about one community but an amalgamation of different communities merged together with their own will and interest so that one big nation can be created where everyone stays in harmony. A country like this is not so easy to find in the world. In this nation of diversity, there are so many things to be proud of, its people, its animals, its trees, its nature, its various places, and its food. Our India is called our motherland. We say “ Bharat Mata” we worship our country as our Mother, we respect her and protect her in every sphere of life. 

So, why will Sundarban not be a safe place for the girls when it is situated in India itself? Yes, it is true that a portion of Sundarban is situated in Bangladesh too, but that makes the place much more loveable and admirable. A place that is the pure example of unity in diversity. Sundarban is a protected area and so it is way safer than any other place in India. Our girls and girls from any other country are always welcomed here with an open heart and we assure their safety always. We suggest you choose the best Sundarban tour package so that you can enjoy Sundarban more and in a better manner. 

Especially for the GIRLS: 

“Will Sundarban be Safe?” if this is the question that is coming again and again in your mind then we are also prepared to answer you that. 

Dear Girls/Women, 

We understand that you are worried about your safety and there is nothing wrong with it. We know how crime has increased these days all over the world, in such a situation it is common that you will be worried about your safety. But in Sundarban we guarantee you safety because here people are down to earth and live a very minimal lifestyle. 

If you are coming with a good touring agent then here in Sundarban there is nothing more to worry about. You will enjoy an amazing adventure and significantly enjoy your time. Only listen to the tour guide and obey whatever the guide says. Other than that you will have nothing to worry about in this natural and beautiful place. 

So, we request you to travel to Sundarban without any worry and you will surely enjoy it. 

Points to remember before you travel

  • Do not carry heavy luggage. We know you love to carry all the essentials that you will require for travel, but kindly sort what is required and what is not required so that you have nothing to worry about when you travel. If the luggage is heavy and too much then you will face difficulty to carry such luggage. 
  • Girls have their own essentials; do carry all the essentials that you will need for your tour. To enjoy a proper Sundarban tour, you must keep in mind all these. 
  • Carry your identity card and all the permits that are required to visit Sundarban. This will keep you away from all the tension and worries.  
  • Make sure you do not carry your heels during this tour, they are of no use in a place like Sundarban. Rather your boots and slippers will be very beneficial in this tour.  
  • As it is the time of covid 19 so, you must carry your mask, your sanitizer, your bed covers, pillow covers, towels, soaps, and brush to this tour.  

What will you enjoy on this tour? 

There are certain touring agents those who carry out only girls tour. If you are lucky enough to get such a tour then you will enjoy it more. If not even then you will have so many things to enjoy. 

-   The National Park: Sundarban is famous for its national park. There is a very special reason why is it so much famous for its national park. You will love to know the facts that Sundarban is the only mangrove where you will find the Royal Bengal Tiger. This is a very special thing because no other mangrove in the whole world has a tiger in it. They are not suitable for tigers other than Sundarban. 

But a few years ago these tigers were on the verge of extinction. Soon UNESCO came to know about it and came for help. They extended their hand and saved the tigers in the national park. With the help of their expert team, the tigers in Sundarban got saved and the Royal Bengal Tigers didn’t get extinct. It was a real achievement. 

Now if you visit this national park you will not only see the Royal Bengals but you will also see so many other animals like bears, deer, crocodiles, rhinos, elephants, etc. There are some amazing birds that could be seen here. These birds migrate from far and wide and come here. But the National park is not always open. It will open from 10 in the morning and closes at 5 in the afternoon.  

-  The Boat Ride: This is one of the biggest attractions in Sundarban. People love this boat ride. There is so much to enjoy here. You can also take a boat ride package where you can even stay in the houseboats. However, whoever comes to Sundarban enjoys this boat ride. It starts in the morning and that day the breakfast is served in the boat itself. When you see the Sun rising from the boat it is a view to be captured in your camera lenses. If you are a photographer then you will surely not like to miss the sight. 

Now when the boat goes through the water, you get amazed to see how many beautiful animals welcome you on your way in the waters. They rise up the water level and again duck down. This goes on. You come to a point where you even see the dolphins on your way standing and doing their tricks to welcome you. You will also see crocodiles, different fishes and what not. In this manner, your boat will now enter the mangroves. The mangroves are very beautiful to see. You will see the trees are making a canopy and giving your boat the way to ride through the waters. If you are lucky enough you might see the Royal Bengals drinking water from the river in this area. If you see them then do not forget to click. As the day passes by your lunch gets prepared in the boat itself and you enjoy a very delicious lunch while enjoying the natural beauty of nature. 

The Village walk: This is something that the people of the town or the cities get a rare time to enjoy. But when it is time to enjoy such a thing then you must wait no more but enjoy. After lunch, your boat will come near an island and you will be told to get down of your boat. There you will get to interact with the local villagers and you will just get amazed to see that they are so poor but their heart is so big. They stay will very few amenities in there, but the way they interact with you and the way they show their love to you will win your heart. You might not understand their language neither they yours but the love they have in their heart and the care they bestow on you will surely win your heart. 

While you will be walking through the village, your guide will tell you which part is Bangladesh and which part is of India, and how people easily stay in such a borderland. You will also get to know more about the history of Sundarban from your guide at this place. 

The Night Life: The nightlife in Sundarban is not like the one you enjoy in your town or city. It is a bit different and a bit closer to the land. During the night especially during winters, a campfire is raised. Around this campfire, the folk dancers dance and sing. They sing about their land, their struggle, and the others things related to their culture. They dress in their traditional attire and perform those dances. It really wins your heart and you enjoy their performance and their amazing voices. It is something you must record. 

Right after these beautiful performances or while these performances are going on your delicious dinner gets served. You enjoy your dinner in peace while enjoying the folk atmosphere. This really calms your head and mind. 

Sundarban is not only about all these things there is something more to enjoy is the food. Bengalis are very good cooks. Therefore, when you visit Sundarban you must stay prepared to enjoy some tasty and delicious food. 

What is the best time to Visit Sundarban for Girls? 

There is nothing like that Girls can’t visit during a certain time. Girls are always welcomed in Sundarban. But as we love and respect our girls a lot so we thought of making their decision-making process a bit easier. We will tell you when you can visit Sundarban and enjoy it to the fullest. 

True to say Sundarban is always beautiful. But during winters Sundarban has its own beauty to cherish. You will love to enjoy Sundarban during winters. There is no other time other than winter when Sundarban really looks so beautiful. A proper Sundarban 1 night 2 days tour will help you take the real essence of Sundarban to the fullest. 

During this time you will get to enjoy the campfire, the folk dance, the Bengali delicacies the pithas all at one time, in one place. It will surely be a bonus trip for you and you will enjoy it to the fullest. 

So, girls if you really want to come to Sundarban and enjoy yourself here then you must come during winter. 

What kind of food is famous In Sundarban? 

Sundarban is a place that is populated by Bengalis. Therefore, Bengali food is famous here. You will enjoy the delicacies of Bengal here. So, tasty and amazing that if you do not taste it on your own then you will never know what beautiful it is. So, come to Sundarban and enjoy this taste. 

You will get to eat, begun bhaja, navaratna dal, bori, payesh, pithas, mists, muri, pakoda, and whatnot. All these will instigate your taste buds to have them again and again. This is one of the biggest attraction why people love to come to Sundarban again and again. 

To conclude: 

Come to Sundarban without any worry girls because here you will enjoy everything and you will go back home with a lot of memories. So, what are you waiting for more? Come here and enjoy even more each day. Live your life to the fullest. It is safe and happy.