Most Memorable Visit to Sundarban


Most Memorable Visit to Sundarban

To make your Sundarban trip memorable and amazing we are here to help. We understand how eager you are to go to Sundarban and therefore you are making plans for so long. You have already applied for holiday at your office, asked your loved ones to be ready and pack their bags and you are all set. The only thing that worries you now is how to make the trip a memorable one. Yes, it is a big issue and there are thousands of problem that comes in between making a holiday a memorable one.

But don’t worry when we are there we shall surely give you a full proved plan that will assure you a proper and memorable holiday in Sundarban. We promise to make your visit in Sundarban memorable.

Let’s calculate the distance first:

DISTANCE FROM Kolkata to SUNDARBAN – 130 kms

Weather- Moderate

Mood- Calm

With these information in hand we go. Now the next thing is how to make it memorable.

  • While on the road in the car you can enjoy by playing some old boll wood songs and sing together all the songs.
  • You can stop somewhere and enjoy some local cuisines like some mistis, singara, cha etc.
  • You can also play Damsaraj in the car.
  • While you reach surely the tour planners have planned somethingmind blowing for you.
  • Enjoy that fully.
  • Do not expect anything just have fun with whatever comes forth.
  • Try to stick together so that you can enjoy everything together.
  • While you enjoy Bengali food eat it with your hands, it tastes better.
  • Enjoy the local dance, drama and music at night.
  • The bonfire during the winter is just another level.
  • Here you can be a bit nostalgic.