Overview of Sundarban and making a tour plan


Overview of Sundarban and making a tour plan

Sundarban tour is not only a mind refreshing tour but also it allows learning too much from the nature of beauty. Sundarban is full of natural beauty which has the ability to attract all living bodies. Not only human beings are attracted to these places but also many animals and birds are attracted to words this natural beauty. For this reason, there are more than 500 species of birds are seen on the branches of mangrove trees. Too many animals are available in this forest like deer, wolves, rabbits, and tigers, etc. Although Royal Bengal tigers are very dangerous to all of us but most peoples are very excited to show the Royal Bengal tigers and listen to their roar like “Ghaow !!!ghaoww”. Reptiles are also seen in the coastal area of rivers. Most of the time there swimming and hunting seen are found during journey time. Sundarban tour is fully incomplete if we miss the riding of Sundarban houseboat. The enjoyment of houseboat riding gives extra pleasure to feel like never before. We can fulfill our Sundarban tour by planning a tour at the right time only because the right time can give us the opportunity to enjoy all this natural beauty beyond our imagination.

The forest of Sundarban is full of mangrove trees and these are welcome to all guests by their fresh wind touching on the skin of guests, really these feelings can force us to think a lot before starting our journey following the itinerary of specific Sundarban tour package. There are too many places are available in Sundarban like Sundarban national park and Pakhiralaya bird watching tower which can help to seen wild animals. Pakhiralaya bird watching tower is a very nice place that is covered by well-protected wire and is fully safe from wild animals. The height of Pekhiralaya is well maintained from where everyone can watch wild animals clearly with most security with feeling the rising of Indradhanu after raining because of the presence of too many colors birds availability.

On the other hand National park is also well designed and maintained by the tourism department. The maximum security is given to all tourists by the security personnel. We can get the maximum opportunity to watch the royal Bengal tiger from very near. Due to all possible protection tourists are fully safe. We can reach a national park by traveling half an hour by Sundarban houseboat from Khulna. The Sundarban national park shares the border of India and Bangladesh. It is a large coastal area having huge mangrove forests so that there is a maximum chance of getting royal Bengal tigers here. We can say royal Bengal tigers prefer to live here due to a huge forest area.

To full fill the wishes of tourists most of the Sundarban tour and travel agencies are prepared different Sundarban tour packages based on the economic condition. Before selecting the cheapest Sundarban tour package we should verify and examine this package carefully. Most Sundarban tour packages include the fee of all permission grants. We should not take the risk of getting permission from the respective department because it will take more times which can arise problems to complete the Sundarban tour in time. Now question is that in which time we can enjoy maximum.

From middle October to March is the best time to make a plan to visit Sundarban. In this time rivers flow with calm, weather is very good which can suit everyone because neither we will feel so hot or cold. There is medium cold at this time. We can enjoy the fire camp along with local folk dances by local artists. More than 500 species of birds come from every corner of the world. We can feel like a house full of all family members. The morning is so beauty and the rising of the sun can give you a warm hug to make the day special. In the morning time, the weather is fully separate from other parts. Jungle fire can give the test of Kolkata rosagola in the evening time. So we should not miss the fire camp in Sundarban during our Sundarban tour.

Another important thing is that we should ask the Sundarban tour and travel agent who will arrange a Sundarban tour package to include local food in our itinerary. Fresh local vegetables, local mutton, crab, local chicken, and local fishes are very testy due to not using any chemical fertilizer and any artificial foods to grow these. So during our tour, we should include local foods. Night stay at Sundarban houseboat can give an extraordinary experience for Sundarban tour.

At last during finalizing our Sundarban tour package we should include these things in our Sundarban tour package. If these are not included in the package then we should go for a Sundarban tour customized package. Most Sundarban tour and travel agents are making a customized package for their customers according to their budget. We should not go for the cheapest Sundarban tour package to make your Sundarban tour memorable because Sundarban tourism is one of the best tourist places in India.