Proper Itinerary for Sundarban


Proper Itinerary for Sundarban

We all want to know about a proper way to visit Sundarban. Not every time we find that. Most of the time we land up into something that we shouldn't have done. So, you must read this blog before you think of going to Sundarban. This blog will help you to know about Sundarban and the best itinerary available.

While we move forward with the blog, let's give you brief information about Sundarban and its tour.

Sundarban as a touring destination:

Sundarban is an amazing place to visit. Not every time we find a place like this. When you visit Sundarban for the first time, you get mesmerized to see a naturally beautiful place that can exist on this earth, without making any sound. It is the world's largest delta that is now been protected by UNESCO. It has different types of animals and birds residing in one place in harmony with the human world. It is a real and natural wonderland of nature. Before you select the Sundarban tour package from Kolkata be careful and choose it right.

Now it's time for the itinerary:

Sundarban  Day 1: Visit Gosaba Beacon Bungalow, Birds Jungle, Rabindranath Tagore Bungalow, Pakhiralaya nad Hamilton Sahib Bungalow.

Sundarban Day 2:  Visit Pakhiralaya Island, Pirkhali, Do-Banki Tiger Reserve Forest & Watch Tower,Gajikhali, Panchamukhani, Banabibi.

Sundarban Day 3: Visit Mangrove Interpretation Center, Sarakhali, Sajnekhali Tiger Reserve Forest, Sajnekhali watchtower.

This is just the touring and visiting place itinerary. If you want we can also give you details of the food, stay and everything. But in this blog, we didn't want to give it because every tourism has its own scheduled routine for all these. It might happen that the list we give might not match with the touring agent you booked. Then you might think they are not doing justice to the tour. But the thing is not so, it is just that tourism policy.

However, if we want to give a common outlook then it goes like this:





And stay would be in :




Always choose the best Sundarban tour package for your tour in Sundarban. You will get to enjoy it more.