Sundarban Tourism Starts 2020


Sundarban Tourism Starts 2020

According to the latest new released on 10th June 2020, the Sundarban forest department has officially allowed the Sundarban tourism to start. Yes, the Sundarban tourism is finally starting and now all the tourist those who were waiting to go to Sundarban can get excited. Sundarban is an amazing place and with the recent Amphan cyclone it was completely devastated. People were worried when the tourism can again start in Sundarban. Ultimately, the wait ends and we can actually now visit Sundarban officially. Yes, Sundarban tourism was affected but now no more.

However, the forest department is trying to take care all round protection of the visitors. As we all know about the worldwide pandemic problem. So, those who are trying to visit Sundarban worry no more and get to know what are the safety measures the forest department is taking to ensure everyone’s safety.

  1. The sanitation must be taken care of for all the visitors.
  2. The boats on which the travelers will be travelling must be properly sanitized.
  3. The hotels of Sundarban must be well sanitized.
  4. While on the boat, the tourist must keep safe distance from each other this will be properly taken care of.
  5. Everyone must follow the guidelines otherwise, they will be fined.

We all have been closed in our own houses for so long now. We all are craving for some refreshment and in this situation when Sundarban is taking such lovely steps for us to travel well then why shouldn’t we enjoy the facilities and travel along. I this time Sundarban tour will be glamorous.

Wait no more book your tour now

Yes, enough of waiting, now it is time you get going with your tour plan to Sundarban. Have a nice and amazing journey to all.