Sundarban Winter Trip from School


Sundarban Winter Trip from School

School life is the most exciting part of our life time. During these days we spend the happiest times. If Sundarban is not visited during these days then we will be missing a lot. An excursion trip to Sundarban during school time is a great opportunity that you can’t afford to miss. The trip will be best to plan during winters. Sundarban tour west Bengal tourism will solve all your problems of planning and booking the tour.

Happy Trips

Jolly Plays

Exciting Knowledge

Non other than Subdarban is the Place. 

-Nabanita Roy

What to expect from the tour:

  1. Immense Fun with proper discipline.
  2. Educational elements.
  3. Forest Safari.
  4. Great bonding with friends. 

A proper graph of the tour:


This is how the tour would look like.

The winter tour:

  • Gathering at the school premises at a fixed time.
  • Pre booking the touring agent.
  • Boarding the tour bus for Sundarban tour 2 night 3 days.
  • Starting the journey with breakfast.
  • Reaching Sundarban before lunch.
  • After lunch taking rest at the hotel.
  • Afternoon Sundarban trip.
  • Next day forest Safari and National Park visit.
  • Bird watching
  • Enjoying folk dance at night.
  • Next day visiting some educational place
  • Knowing about Sundarban and Mangroves.  
  • Returning to hotel and rest.
  • Next Morning boarding the tour bus and returning to school.

This is a brief of how Sundarban winter should look like from our side. You can always plan your own thing by discussing with the tour operators. They can actually tell you how things will work out. You can even customize your Sundarban trip with them.

Must follow:

Always follow the safety procedures while you travel. The guidelines of the government are very important. Get Sundarban tour operator in Kolkata at the best price with pre-booking.