The Tiger Watching Touring Experience


The Tiger Watching Touring Experience

I preferred the Sundarbans because I always wanted to see The Royal Bengal Tiger with my bare eyes. I always had a fascination for the tigers and I knew that the animals I represent are a Tiger. Tigers are born Royal and they need to prove anything to claim their royalty. These royal beasts are always a pleasure to watch and deal with. I always dreamt about them and today I got a chance to be with them.

So, my Sundarban tour booking is done and we are good to go.

1. Flew from North Bengal to Kolkata:

It was the month of June and we decided to fly from North Bengal to Kolkata by Flight. We mean my family and me. I was very excited for the tour and the touring agent that we had booked was amazing.

2. Received by the tourist agency at airport:

As we landed on Kolkata airport, we were well received by the tourist agents and they took us to the hotel for us to freshen up and get ready for the further journey to Sundarban.

3. Refreshment served

The hotel was right up to the mark and they served us with delicious breakfast. We enjoyed our breakfast, waited for a moment and then headed on for the next part of the journey.

4. Journeyed by Car to Sundarban

We journeyed by car to the place I always wanted to come Sundarban. I must say the Sundarban tour package we booked was absolutely up to the mark. They treated us well, served us everything we needed and while in Sundarban also they took care of use really well.

5. At Last got to see the Royals:

In the afternoon, it was time to go and watch the tigers roam and have fun. I was more than excited; after all, it was my dream to see them with my bare eyes. My dream was being fulfilled and I was obviously very excited.

At last, I saw the Royal beast, roaming about in its natural habitat and I was more than happy. I took some great snaps of it and quenched my thirst of seeing it.

Why Should you must go to Sundarban?  

  1. Because its cost effective
  2. Makes you feel happier
  3. You get to see lots of animals
  4. Greens give you a positive vibe
  5. Heals you from within.

Come Sundarban is waiting

Yes, dear Sundarban is waiting for you in the midlist of a place seems like nowhere. You can visit this place with your family, friends and anyone you like. Get your Sundarban tour booking done today.