Visiting the Karamjal in Sundarban


Visiting the Karamjal in Sundarban

It’s one life and one dream and one tour. You must live it king size and if you want to visit somewhere, eat something and enjoy anything, no one must stop you. You are going to live this life happy and fulfilled. Know it for sure, your happiness matters and you are no way lesser than others. You have to work throughout this covid 19 even when you were at home. You couldn’t rest even when you were sitting on your bed. You sacrificed all your life for the betterment of your office, home whatever. But still, you couldn’t be happy truly. 

Now it’s time you choose nature. You must choose nature anyway. You must be a bit surer of the fact that you deserve to be happy. Nature is waiting for you. What are you waiting for? 

It is time you take the Sundarban tour 1 night 2 days and make your life much happier and safer. No one can instruct you on your life and if you love nature then be sure that nature too loves you and it is waiting for you. 

Today we will be talking about a particular place in Sundarban to visit. Talking about everything in one blog won’t be good, so better talk about one place at a time. 


It is one of the most beautiful places in Sundarban to visit. It is located in the Northeastern side of Sundarban and it is a place people love and visit. You must know is a reserved as well as secured area of Sundarban. That means you cannot enter it anytime or every time. It has its own rules and regulations to follow. It is done only when there are animals in there and they need to be protected from humans or any other attack. 

So, if you want to visit Karamjal then you will have to take permission and know when you can enter there. 

People are attracted to this place mainly because of:

  • Deers are kept here and they give birth to their young ones here.  
  • Crocodiles too are kept and they give birth to their young ones here. 
  • Here there is a wildlife sanctuary and you can see different types of animals here. 

So, do your Sundarban tour booking now and come to this amazing place.