What is so Special About The boats in Sundarban?


What is so Special About The boats in Sundarban?

Last year I was feeling very down and bored about my life. The work pressure was so massive and time taking that I didn’t know how to manage time to feel a bit refreshed. If a person gets involve in too much work then it is actually very bad for his or her health. Therefore, refreshment is very important and your must get refreshed without any doubt.

My friend suggested me to visit Sundarban. I was not sure about the place because I have never heard many people talking about it. Therefore, I asked him what is so special about the place and specially the boats in Sundarban. Then what he answered was amazing. He said,

“  Imagine a place where the sky meets the land.

Imagine a place where river crosses by a village.

Imagine a place where there are many trees beside the river. 

Imagine a place where a boat travels through that river just to give you that perfect view….” – Miss Roy

Yes, this is Sundarban.

Then I was almost convinced and I decided to take a Sundarban houseboat trip.

I planned my trip in this manner:

  • I booked a Sundarban Tour 1 day tour.
  • Then I went for the best Sundarban tour package.
  • I took a flight and went to Sundarban.

The best Boat Experience:

Everything is very special about Sundarban. However, the best thing that attracted me about Sundarban was its houseboats. According to me, they are much better than the resorts. I was in Sundarban just for a day, I wanted to enjoy to the fullest. Therefore, I choose Houseboat. The facilities I got there were,

  1. They served me with one of the best A.C rooms.
  2. Best Bengali food was served.
  3. Amazing view of Sundarban 24*7.
  4. The night sky was just speechless.
  5. I absolutely loved the boat experience.

Why should you come to Sundarban?

You must come to Sundarban because it is a place where you find no stop to your inner growth. It is amazing and the experience you have there is just endless. You love it and this is the best thing about Sundarban.