What People Expect in Sundarban and what they get!


What People Expect in Sundarban and what they get!

When we think of travelling somewhere, we always feel very excited. There are very few people in the world who doesn’t like to travel or do not want to go anywhere. If you are a normal person and emotionally all right, then travelling for you must be very exciting. People those who live in West Bengal for them going to Sundarban during weekends is a regular practice. It gives them relief from the regular hum drum of life. They feel calm and satisfied with life when they travel to such a beautiful place. So, taking the best Sundarban tour package and travelling to Sudnarban is something at least Bengalis can’t resist.

But due to this lockdown and covid 19 everthing got a set back. We are not allowed to move out from our houses and travel anywhere. Though it is for our own good but sometimes it is very depressing too. It brings a big fullstop to our life. But as situation demands we will have to sit in our houses but if not in reality we can at least enjoy Sundarban in virtual reality through this blog.

Through this blog you will know what you expect and what you actually get in Sundarban:

What we expect

What we get


Sundarban is just a touring place

Sundarban is fun and exciting and more than a touring place.



Sundarban is a normal Delta with trees

Sundarban is not just a normal delta with trees. It is the world’s largest delta.



Sundarban has tigers

 Sundrabn not only have tigers it has Royal Bengal Tigers and many other animals



Nothing is much special about Sundarban and it is wet and village area.

There is everything very special about Sundarban. Though it has villages it has arrangements for every kind of guests from rich to middle class.


Not only these there are many other distinguished things about Sundarban as:

  • Different staying options like Hotels, resorts, Houseboats etc.
  • Various kind of cuisines.
  • Amazing Photographic places .
  • Sundarban tour always amazes you with surprise.
  • Bird watching facility.

What more do you want from a Sundarban tour other than this. So, without wasting any more time come to this amazing land of Sundarban and enjoy.