What Sundarban Tour Operators Decided in Covid Situation


What Sundarban Tour Operators Decided in Covid Situation

Though Sundarban is naturally a very beautiful place sometimes times are so that we cannot even afford to go to a place that is beautiful and magical. Now the times are so and we must understand it. The Sundarban is always safe and even now it is safe but Sundarban tour operator in Kolkata are not very much ready to take you there. It is because if people start going to Sundarban from outside then they might carry the covid 19 viruses with them and then spread it in Sundarban. People who are safe out there might die because of that.

So all the Sundarban tour operators decided upon not taking anyone from outside to Sundarban now. Sundarban is a very beautiful place, surrounded by natural beauty, if we can't add on anything to that beauty then we do not possess any right to destroy it too.

To tell you in detail what the Sundarban tour operators decided during this covid situation you will have to read the blog in detail. There is a step by step procedures that they have taken to fight this situation.

Stopping the Sundarban tour:

Right now the best decision is to stop the Sundarban tour. That is what the touring agents are doing. They are well aware of the prevailing situation and that is why they have taken a step to stop the tours to Sundarban.

Canceling all booking:

Now they are taking no more bookings for Sundarban and they are canceling all the bookings now. Canceling is very necessary so that people can understand that they can't go to Sundarban anymore now and they need to stay in their houses.

Returning all pre-booking:

For those who have pre-booked the Sundarban trip, the touring agents are canceling everything and talking to everyone in person so that no one keeps any regret and can understand why they are taking these steps. They are returning the money too.

Making people aware of the situation:

They are making people aware of the prevailing covid 19 situation and they are also a concern so that everyone takes safety measures. This is very important and necessary to maintain.

You must know that Sundarban tourism is very much aware of the people's safety and they tend to keep everyone safe and secure. So, follow what they say and for few days sitting at the comfort of your home.