Why is September so special to Sundarban?


Why is September so special to Sundarban?

Sundarban is always beautiful and especially in Septembers. Septembers bring out a bit too much from Sundarban and there are many reasons why this happen. September is the month when Hilsa festival is celebrated in Sundarban. If you have been to Sundarban then you must know about the Hilsa festival. If you have never to Sundarban then known about the Hilsa festival is a bit problem for you.

However, don’t worry I shall tell you evry details about Hilsa festival in Sundarban. So here we go:

1. Festival of a fish:

Hilsa is a fish and this fish is celebrated in Sundarban during September. The reason behind this is that, this fish is produced in large number in Sundarban this time. Bengalis like this fish a lot and so a festival is arranged around this fish.

2. Good food:

You get to eat very good food during this time in Sundarban.The fish is cooked in different manner during this time in Sundarban. People absolutely enjoy this food festival and they love to be here every year.

3. Party time:

This is a party time for Sundarban people and peoples those who visit Sundarban during this time, enjoy a lot. Everywhere there is food and party. People enjoy it a lot and come here every year. People are in happy mood and enjoying everywhere.

4. Folk music:

This time you will get to see everywhere the folk music is being played. The folk music is so good and soothing to hear; you will hear it and feel lot in some other world of this place.

5. Spend less enjoy more:

You enjoy party and are so happy but you spend less. This is so good. You also get to stay in a good place and enjoy with lot of others.

What People Ask?

Q.Do I need to book now for September?

A: Yes, you can book now for September. This is a nice decision and you must get the booking done now.

Q.Is it a nice place?

A: Yes, obviously, Sundarban is a nice place and you will actually like the place a lot.

Q.Is Sundarban good for Kids?

A: Yes, obviously Sundarban is very good for kids. They absolutely love the place and you will love to be here anytime and every time.

Best of Sundarban in September:

Come and feel the nature here in Sundarban. Enjoy the hilsa festival and stay happy.