Why winter is the best to make a tour plan for Sundarban?


Why winter is the best to make a tour plan for Sundarban?

We know Sundarban is an Iceland having a huge amount of mangrove forest in the form of the delta by the meeting point of the Ganga, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers in the Bay of Bengal. This mangrove forest contains many wild animals, birds, and reptiles which rise the enjoyment of tourists. Why we are saying winter is the best time to visit Sundarban is because there are many reasons. Let us discuss it one by one.

Forest is full of mangrove trees:- Although the leaves of trees are falling down in winter seasons mangrove trees are standing as usual. The forest is showing too gorgeous in this season. This forest is the livelihood of local peoples, hence you have the opportunity to meet with local peoples. You will get a weightage feeling like when all family members are together in your home.

Riding of houseboat:- Riding of the houseboat is very entertaining for Sundarban tour but in the winter season it is special to everyone for riding houseboat because in this season water is totally calm in nature and you can see the image of fish and crocodile in winter. You will enjoy the sunlight very much during travel time in the river. There are too many chances to see a Royal Bengal tiger in the riverside when you will travel in between mangrove forests.

Morning walk special:- In the morning time, the environment of its surrounding is very special due to rising the volume of the sound of birds gradually. Fresh wind can filter our body and gives relaxation us. The touching of cold wind gives slight cold feelings to our body whereas morning sunshine minimize this cold, so it gives extra pleasure to tourist.

Possible to have special food items:- Generally all most all professional Sundarban tour operators have been hiring a good and experienced chef to serve good food to their clients. In the winter season, local vegetables are available in this area which is grown without fertilizer. So these foods are very tasty. As crabs are coming to the riverside in this season, there are chances to find crab a lot. That’s why you can get a chance to have crabs in our meals. Local mutton kasha can force you to test again and again. So I think, the food items which will serve you in this season will be prepared from fresh and local vegetables, crabs and goats, etc.

Availability of more than 500 species of birds:- There are more than 500 species of birds are coming from every corner of the world. Mangrove forests will be full of birds of various colour. You will feel like flowers by watching from a bird-watching tower. The sound of birds also gives you extra pleasure like listening to a song. You have the great opportunity to research birds. Many birds like to play in the river. You can enjoy it a lot. It sure maximum numbers of birds are available at Sundarban in the winter season.  

Chances to see Royal Bengal tiger:- As Sundarbans is full of mangrove trees, the Government was formed Sundarban national park there for the Royal Bengal tigers’ reserved area. This national park is covered with well-secured materials for the better safety of the tourist. Many security personals are appointed to monitor the safety of all tourists. Tigers are moving freely in this area. But in the winter seasons, tigers are moving in the maximum forest area. They want to hunt at the bay of rivers due to mangrove forest is also covered this area. So there are maximum chances to see a royal Bengal tiger this winter.

Enjoy the nature from hotel:- Sundarban hotel and resorts are well designed for the enjoyment of nature from the rest rooms. You will watch the beauty through the window like watching from near. There are both ac and non-ac rooms are available for accommodation. If you have only plan to stay in the hotel room during your Sundarban tour, I am sure you will not be boring because you can enjoy yourself a lot from there also.

Fire Camp:-  Fire camp is the most charming thing to all of the customers in the evening time to till 10 pm. The tourists of many different groups are get together at one place and tour operator arrange to make fire by using wood. All tourists take place surrounding the fire. Local folk artists will perform their art near the fire camp. Over the system will entertain tourists very much. So you should make a plan for the Sundarban tour in winter for the best enjoyment.

There are many Sundarban tour operators are giving many sundarban tour packages as per their customers’ needs. They can arrange a customize package also according to customers. So you have to select the right and professional Sundarban tour operator to execute your tour properly.

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