Weekend Trip to The Sundarbans – The Land of Tigers

Popular Places to visit in Sundarban

Bird Sanctuary in Sajnekhali

This is an amazing place and you will absolutely love the vibe of the place. It is the home to so many migrating birds from everywhere.
You get to see different types of birds
Best place for some ultimate photography

Sundarban Bengal Tourism
Sundarban Bengal Tourism
Tin Kona Island

This is an Island where people come for some leisurely trip. You will absolutely love the feel and the vibe of the place because it is so calming and naturally beautiful.
Place of peace and quietness
Place of love and leisure

Watch Tower at Sudhanyakhali

People love this place to visit whenever at Sundarban. If you are not into through and through adventure but still want to enjoy Sundarban’s jungles then you can definitely come to this place.
Experience the jungle from above
Get to know the lifestyle and habitat of animals.

Sundarban Bengal Tourism
Sundarban Bengal Tourism
Mekong Delta

This delta is to be covered by speedboat. If you are an adventure freak and you will love to cover this delta with a speedboat trust me you will always remember this experience and you will absolutely love it.
Speed boat travel
Amazing Photographic sights.

The Mangroves

Last but not the least the mangroves. You will love to visit this place with love. The mangroves are so spectacular and amazing that if you start wandering in them you might discover something very new every time.
Full of natural diversity.
Great to see and feel.

Sundarban Bengal Tourism
Sundarban Bengal Tourism

Gosaba was the ideal village of the past settled by Sir Daniel Hamilton. Sir Hamilton started a Co-operative as village upliftment program in Gosaba. There is a banglow of Becan Saheb in Gosaba.

Burirdabri Watch Tower

The Burirdabri watch tower is famous for mud walk and mangrove cage trail leading to a view point known as Raymongal. There are also views Bangladesh of Raymongal side. This watch tower has the capacity of 15 person at a time.

Sundarban Bengal Tourism
Sundarban Bengal Tourism
Sindarkati (Bonny Camp):

Sindarkati is popular for the highest Watch Tower. It is 30 km away from Bhagabatpur. People can reach Sundarkati Bengal-Tourism Center through the mangrove forest and get a close view of the sweet-water pond where the wildlife of the Sundarban. There is a museum, where people can know about Sundarban through its picture.

Kalash Camp Watch Tower

In the Kingdom of tigers, it is the last island of the Sundarban, near the Bay of Bengal. There is a sweet-water pond. The Sunrise & Sunset viewing is very beautiful. Kalas is also the nesting place of the Olive Ridley Turtles.

Sundarban Bengal Tourism
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